Cleaning the way

Caesars strives to be the best cleaners in your community. A place where you, your garments and your household items are treated with respect. Please enjoy the 13 travels of your items and learn how Caesars has perfected the cleaning process.


Discount Cleaning

$3.93 offers GREAT value


Wash, Dry & Fold

Let us do your laundry!

Caesars $3.93 Cleaners offers 2 services in 1 store. Caesars Cleaners for quality dry cleaning and laundry or $3.93 Cleaners for dry cleaning at a discounted price... Good, Fast & Cheap. To learn more about Caesars Cleaners full service click here or to learn more about $3.93 Cleaners discount dry cleaning service click here

Never Apply Water to Remove Stains

Never apply water to attempt to remove stains in dry clean only fabrics. Rubbing the stain or any part of the garment can cause fabric damage and color loss.

3rd Pant Free!

During the month of July, bring in 3 pants and get the 3rd free! Click Learn More to print out this months coupon.

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